06|09|2024 - Don Alder - Armed & Dangerous

Don Alder -  Armed & Dangerous

Don Alder - "Armed & Dangerous"

As winner of the 2015 Domenic Troiano Guitar Award (CDN), 2011 Worldwide Guitar Idol (held in London, UK), 2010 Guitar Superstar contest (LA, USA) and the 2007 International Fingerstyle Championships, Don Alder (from Vancouver, BC) has earned his place as one of the top acoustic guitarists in the world.

Alder’s music also speaks for itself; his 2009 CD “Not A Planet” was nominated for two prestigious Music Industry Awards. His music is a unique combination of deeply textured melody and story. Lyrical and compelling, his original songs are notes of exploration – some passionate and haunting, some hard-driven, others light and teasing. In quiet pieces or pushing right to the edge, Don's phenomenal finger style playing and rich voice captivate.

Don is also recognized as one of the of the world's top harp guitarists.
His new album “Armed & Dangerous” was released Sept 1st, 2015. It pays homage to the popular “Walking Dead” television series, Alder blends his signature technical prowess with deep emotion and expression.

The CD sounds more like an improvised, spontaneous performance rather than a meticulously recorded set of songs and Alder’s unique approach on the guitar is captured with the intensity of a live concert.







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